Interactive map

A large number of cars displayed on the interactive map allows you to choose the car closest to you for your convenience and book it

Seamless experience

Deep vehicle integration allows users to get seamless access to the vehicle, on average user requires only 10 seconds before getting working access to the vehicle compared to 2-3 minutes for competitors. Upon successful booking of a car, the user has the flexibility of remotely cooling the car via the app, making it ideal for the MENA region and its climatic conditions.

Public RTA and special airport parking areas are free of charge

Private territories, shopping malls and business centers, and other areas with private access systems are restricted for parking with MOTOR car sharing service.

Liability and risks insurance when using Motor

Every car is provided with compulsory car insurance. The customer’s responsibility is determined by the conditions of usage, contract and present legislation.

User Obligations

1. The vehicle should be in the state that it was picked up in, with the equipment and the amount of fuel with which it was taken.
2. The vehicle is for personal use only. Any illegal activities (e.g. traffic violation, participation in races, and etc.) or usage for monetary benefit, speed and endurance testing are restricted.
3. Transferring the vehicle to the third parties and unauthorized users is strongly prohibited.
4. Notification about the breakage of the vehicle.
5. In case if the breakage is caused by the failure of the user, the user is obliged to compensate all the damage.
6. The vehicle should not be driven outside the borders of the current country of service usage area (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey), depending on the primary location.
7. The amount of passengers or load should in accordance with technical specifications of the vehicle.
8. Follow the link to read the full version of the customer’s terms and conditions.

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