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Main advantages of using MOTOR car sharing service

Free parking

All of the public RTA parking spaces are available for each of our customers. Furthermore, a special free parking at airports is provided for your convenience.

Important services

We always take care of the most important things in advance, so refueling and washing are already included in the obligatory list of facilities. For this reason, a special mobile application was designed to monitor fuel level, including virtual fuel card.

Wide service coverage

Your personal account opens an access to MOTOR car sharing service in the most countries of the Arabian Peninsula (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait), Jordan and Turkey.

Insurance Policy

Every car is provided with compulsory car insurance.

Usability and comfort

Remote cooling service and baby seats are provided for the best car sharing experience. We offer flexible approach to various situations: night car delivery, road assistance and 24/7 support service.


Flexible tariffs per minute/hour/day/week, all taxes included, no hidden charges

How does it work?

1. Download free MOTOR App

MOTOR App was designed for Play Store and AppStore users.

2. Do a quick online sign up

In order to create a new account you should provide Emirates ID (or passport), valid UAE driving license, telephone number, e-mail and credit card. After the registration customer support service will send a confirmation letter to your e-mail.

3. Find a point near you

MOTOR App has an interactive map with all the available cars in real time mode.

4. Drive a car without keys

After selecting and booking the appropriate car, renting is managed through MOTOR App from the beginning to the end: car locking system, remote air conditioning, and finalizing

Get the app

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