Main advantages of future cooperation

Monthly Income

You get about 50% of the monthly revenue of the car


Obligatory vehicle maintenance is provided at the owner’s cost.


Compulsory car insurance is provided at the owner’s cost.


Daily vehicle maintenance is provided by MOTOR costs.

Charge level

MOTOR always monitors the battery level and will immediately charge the car if necessary.

Regular car inspection

Regular check of the car and the provision of reporting forms allows us to neutralize the risk of overrun and other operational risks

How do we make it work so perfectly?

01. Car transfer

The main condition is that we require only new car (or maximum 1 year of usage). The mileage should be no more than 35,000. Full insurance is compulsory without any exceptions.

02. Car preparation

The next step is covered by our company. The vehicle will be prepared in two weeks. First of all, technical diagnostics is implemented for breakage identification. After that the car is connected to the service, receives all the important brand design. As the result, your car becomes available to thousands of our users.

03. Monthly benefit

Our partnership allows getting monthly payment or even more. Please note that the participation in MOTOR partnership stipulates the maximum usage of your car for no more than two years.

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